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/prɪˈkɑːsəti/ Intelligence achieved far ahead of normal development schedules

We thrive for excellence through intelligence

to achieve the best outcome for data driven enterprises

The future of technology will be heavily driven by the wealth of data created today and tomorrow and the ability of smart algorithms to learn and predict or act upon that data. We truly believe that artificial intelligence will be the core enabler that flourishes human life & wellbeing by keeping people healthy, running efficient services, augmenting human intelligence and creating many unforeseen opportunities


Our Services and Products

Data as a Service and AI as a Service


Precocity Research takes a systematic approach to transcend the data governance realm of the business. We guide you through the data quality goals of your enterprise data portfolio. We then integrate them with your overall enterprise architecture roadmap to attain continuous data compliance excellence


We build efficient data solutions based on open standards and cloud-native services to address various business requirements.

We focus on data governance and data quality to drive powerful machine learning solutions and add business intelligence value


We design, build and manage public and private cloud data solutions for our clients that are tailored to our customers' needs giving them the flexibility they are after to manage their data assets

Any Cloud Provider

Our cloud-native solutions are based on the leading cloud providers in the market. Being a cloud-agnostic solution company, we use a unified model of application development that suits our customers' preferences whichever provider they use

Learn All About the Advantages that Our Company Has to Offer

Various Data Pipeline Technologies

We can help you set up your batch and streaming data pipelines using Apache Kafka, Apache Beam, Apache Flink or Apache Pulsar. We believe in open-source technologies as a first choice to handle data pipeline build and implementation

Any Data Source

We handle data of different varieties, formats and sources. Enhancing data quality is the first step in your data journey and we can ensure your pre-analytics data format and schema meet your needs

Many Data Warehousing Solutions

We do not lock you into a specific data warehouse solution but let you lead the way. You can decide your technology landscape, naming Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Snowflake and many others

Any Data Store

We land your data in the data store of your choice with the format that is suitable for your solution

Why Us

What we do best

Make every customer data a valued asset by relentlessly focus on our product performance

Precocity Research is a New Zealand-based startup that was founded in 2016. We specialize in providing Data-as-a-Service and AI-as-a-Service technologies to enable enterprises to gain comprehensive insights into their data. Our data governance and data quality services facilitate AI implementations across various industry verticals and governments, making them stronger, faster, and more agile



We implemented data and machine learning solutions in the following areas

Smart Utilities

Designing intelligent data solutions for smart networks, water, and energy systems to improve operational efficiency, gain insights, and promote data democratization practices

Renewable Energy

Implementing ML-based time-series analysis and alerting for energy production monitoring and forecasting

Industrial IoT 

Deliver a secure and complete IoT telemetry, state monitoring and reporting dashboards based on the latest IoT Industry 4.0 standards

Fraud Detection

Developing a purpose-built system for real-time fraud detection analysis utilizing AI and Graph Database technologies to perform multi-hop deep link queries based on live financial data

Natural Language Analysis

Documents and unstructured data classification and analysis utilizing the state of the art Natural Language Processing models and algorithms

Anomaly Detection

Develop a cloud-native anomaly detection solution in real-time using advanced computer vision and deep learning technologies


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